Soil Monitoring Products

Soil Moisture Sensors

GroPoint Profile

Measure soil moisture at multiple depths with a single probe and cable.

Installs quickly and easily without excavating.

GroPoint Lite

Analog or digital soil moisture and temperature.

Exceptional accuracy (±2%) and fully-potted electronics for long-term durability.

GroPoint Pro

Moisture, salinity (electrical conductivity), temperature and wetting front in a single SDI-12 sensor.

Exceptional accuracy (±2%) and fully-potted electronics for long-term durability.

GroPoint Classic

Legendary ruggedness and dependability.

0-5 mA or 4-20 mA analog output.

Exceptional accuracy and large sphere of influence.

Data Loggers / Handhelds

Bluetooth Sensor Pod DL

Log data and retrieve it from one or multiple in-situ probes wirelessly at any time, using your smartphone.

  • GP-DL4 Data Logger


    Log soil data from up to 10 SDI-12 sensors or 4 analog sensors, for up to a year on standard household batteries. This simple data logger is no-frills, but effective and reliable.

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Long-range, distributed, wide-area sensor networks.

TITAN Radius Mote

SDI-12 Wireless LPWAN Slave (long-range wireless bridge/cable replacement).

TITAN Radius Repeater

Extends the range of an SDI-12 LPWAN network.

TITAN Radius Gateway

SDI-12 Wireless LPWAN Master (connects up to 25 slave units).

Uplink for ground-based sensors and sensor networks to the cloud.

Orbit Xo

All-in-one cellular gateway makes sensor data easily accessible and the station remotely configurable.

Orbit Xo Radius

All-in-one, end-to-end cellular gateway + long-range LPWAN SDI-12 wireless gateway.

GOES.Link Radius

300/1200 baud CS2 GOES transmitter + long-range LPWAN SDI-12 wireless gateway.


  • GroPoint 4-Port SDI-12 Expansion Bar


    Connects to any open channel of an SDI-12 GroPoint data logger and provides connectors for up to four more sensors. Adds 3 additional ports (you lose 1, you gain 4).

    Technical Specifications


    4 x Switchcraft EN3P4F (4 female pins)
    Switchcraft EN3C4M (4 male pins)
    Operating temperature-20°C to +70°C
    Storage temperature-40°C to +85°C
    Dimensions8.3 x 15.0 x 3.2cm
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  • Titan/Orbit External Omnidirectional Antenna


    3 dBi gain, omnidirectional, fibreglass antenna for use with cellular (Xo) and LPWAN (Radius) products. Includes mounting hardware to secure to poles up to 4″ in diameter.

    Technical Specifications

    Gain3 dBi
    Beamwidth - E plane33 degrees
    Frequency902-928 MHz
    Connector TypeFixed Type N female
    Mount StyleMast
    Length64cm (25")
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  • GPS Antenna


    Allows GOES.Link Radius to obtain GPS location and time information necessary for data transmission.

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