GP-DL4 Data Logger

Simple, effective and reliable automatic recording of sensor data

GroPoint™ data loggers provide an inexpensive and simple-to-use method of automatically recording and storing measurements from GroPoint soil sensors. The analog version connects up to 4 sensors simultaneously, and the SDI-12 version can connect up to 10 sensors (using the 4-port SDI-12 Expansion Bar connected to 2 of the ports).

Measurements are recorded at a time interval selected by the user, from once per minute to every twelve hours. Data is stored in non-volatile Flash memory and is retained even if the battery fails. The memory can hold up to 32,520 measurements.

Configuring the data logger is done via the included Logger Config (SDI-12 version) or GroGraph (analog version) Windows software. Plug the included USB cable into the USB port on the data logger and a USB port on your computer, then run the software to set up the logging interval, SDI-12 sensor address, etc.

The water resistant enclosure and rugged IP66/IP68 environmental connectors permit outdoor placement of this data logger. The enclosure can be easily opened using a standard Philips size 0 screwdriver to replace the batteries (a 3.0V lithium CR2032 coin cell powers the logger, while a 9V alkaline powers the sensors). Both batteries are included and pre-installed upon delivery. Batteries will generally last about a year under normal operation.

Recorded SDI-12 sensor data can be downloaded to your computer as standard CSV files, or displayed directly at the logger with the GP-DU Handheld SDI-12 Sensor Reader.

  • Operates with standard household batteries (CR2032 for logger, and 9V to power the sensors).
  • Sensors connect with GroPoint EN3 harsh environmental connectors.
  • Water-resistant enclosure.
  • Battery life of up to a year is typical.
  • Data is retained even with no battery.
  • Logger data is downloaded in universal CSV format, allowing you to archive and graph data in your favourite software, like Microsoft Excel.
  • Logger operates on a standard 3.0V coin cell battery (CR2032, included).
  • Standard 9V battery powers connected sensors (included).
  • SDI-12 version supports up to 10 connected sensors (via multiple 4-Port SDI-12 Expansion Bars).
  • Includes a USB cable for connecting to your computer.
  • Free Windows-based LoggerConfig software (download from our website) is used to configure the logger and download data as a CSV file.

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