GroPoint Lite

Accurate and reliable analog or digital soil moisture probe

The GroPoint™ Lite soil sensor is robust, reliable and highly accurate, providing cost effective soil moisture and temperature measurements. The sleek, lightweight design installs quickly with minimal soil disruption. When installed vertically, the sensor averages volumetric moisture content over a soil layer of about 6” (15cm). When installed horizontally, the sensor can be used to measure moisture at a specific soil depth.

GroPoint Lite can be deployed in irrigation-sensitive zones, such as around the root zone, to enable full control of precision irrigation needs.

  • Soil moisture and temperature probe.
  • Flexible interface options (SDI-12, RS-485, 0-5mA and 4-20ma) simplify integration into a broad range of applications, ancillary equipment and data loggers.
  • Based on our unique TDT5 technology.
  • Comes with 5 m (16.4′) durable cable (4-pin IP68-rated EN3 connector optional).
  • Factory-calibrated for most agricultural soils, but can be custom calibrated before shipping—request when ordering.
  • Low power consumption—suitable for remote applications.
    Comes with 5 m (16.4′) durable cable (4-pin IP68-rated EN3 connector optional).
  • SDI-12/RS-485 version of sensor can be custom calibrated by the customer—see detailed procedure in the user manual (see Downloads section).

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