Orbit GOES.Link Radius

All-in-One GOES transmitter + SPI-12 LPWAN Wireless Gateway

Orbit GOES.Link Radius is a GOES-based uplink and LPWAN gateway in one device. It includes all hardware (external battery pack not included), software and services needed for data acquisition and transmittal to cloud-based data storage via the GOES network, plus viewing and analysis. It also features Radius LPWAN technology, functioning as a Radius Gateway in an SDI-12 wireless network.

Orbit GOES.Link Radius is a 300 or 1200 baud GOES transmitter that sends data via the GOES Data Collection System (DCS).

The Orbit Xo Radius will both collect data from sensors connected to it, act as a data hub for all SDI-12 sensors (connected to TITAN Radius Motes), in an LPWAN network and automatically forward all data to the cloud via GOES. This eliminates the need to buy both a Gateway for your LPWAN network and a separate GOES uplink.

  • Includes everything except a power source (external battery pack not included) in an  integrated system for quick, reliable deployments.
  • Connects to Radius Motes to permit GOES transmission of remote SDI-12 sensors.
  • Weatherproof packaging for deployment in harsh environments. Quick-connect military-style connectors
  • Supports SDI-12, analog, and pulse sensors, providing flexible deployment options.
  • Data logged locally on an SD flash storage card as redundant backup.
  • One year subscription to CloudInsight cloud-based hub software included.
  • Up to 10 sensors per Mote/slave, 6 Motes/slaves per repeater, 3 repeaters per network.
  • CS2 GOES transmitter
  • Functions as a TITAN Radius Gateway
  • Includes solar panel, solar charge regulator, SD card for backup storage, all mounting hardware,
  • Includes one year of cellular service, pre-provisioned and ready to go

The Radius LPWAN Network

The Orbit GOES.Link Radius acts as a TITAN Radius Gateway. Each Mote/slave provides a wireless SDI‐12 LPWAN bridge between a sensor and a Radius Gateway/master (which connects to data logger or uplink) or a Radius Repeater (extends the network even farther).

CloudInsight Turns Data Into Actionable Information

Data Processing for Irrigation Insight

  • Insert saturation and stress markers
  • Mark irrigation or water events
  • Track rainfall and water events
  • Create your own ag index
  • Build a growing degree day “virtual” sensor by combining data from multiple real sensors and applying a calculation.

Plot data from segments at each depth of a GroPoint Profile to determine optimal irrigation to penetrate the bottom of the root zone.

Easily locate and access current and historical data, and configuration of all stations and sensors.
Send alarms (email or SMS) when a parameter reaches a threshold or changes by at least a specified value over a period of time. Paramters can be measured by sensors or “virtual” (computed based on one or multiple sensors with a formula applied).

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