Orbit Xo Radius

All-in-One Cellular Gateway + SDI-12 LPWAN Gateway

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Xo is a complete monitoring station platform. It includes all hardware, software and services needed for data acquisition and cloud-based data storage, viewing and analysis. In addition, it also features Radius LPWAN (Low-Power, Wide-Area Network) technology, functioning as a Radius Gateway in an SDI-12 wireless network.

The Orbit Xo Radius will collect data from sensors directly connected to it and act as a data hub for all SDI-12 sensors (connected to Radius Motes) in an LPWAN network. All data collected is automatically forwarded to the cloud via a cellular connection. This eliminates the need to buy both a Gateway for your LPWAN network and a separate cellular uplink.

  • All-in-one integrated system for quick, reliable deployments.
  • Connects to Radius Motes/Slaves to permit cellular connection to remote SDI-12 sensors.
  • Weatherproof packaging for deployment in harsh environments. Quick-connect military-style connectors
  • Supports SDI-12, analog, and pulse sensors, providing flexible deployment options.
  • Integrated cellular transceiver with intelligent network connection management ensures low-power, extremely reliable data acquisition.
  • Data logged locally on an SD flash storage card as redundant backup.
  • Pre-provisioned for instant cellular network connection and simple, reliable setup (use user-supplied SIM cards outside North America).
  • One year subscription to CloudInsight cloud-based hub software included.
  • Up to 10 sensors per Mote/slave, 6 Motes/slaves per repeater, 3 repeaters per network.
Data Storage Removable 2 GB SD memory card (FAT 32)
Non-volatile memory All setup parameters
Logging interval 1 second to 24 hours (sensor dependent)
Reporting interval 2 minutes to 24 hours
Cellular communications
  • Dual band CDMA 800, 1900 MHz
  • Penta-Band HSPA+
  • GSM Quad band 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
  • UMTS/HSPA Penta Band 850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100 MHz
  • EGPRS / WCDMA / HSDPA / HSUPA Protocol Stack
Listen/trigger mode/idle <2 mA
Data receive / store / prepare for transmission 150 mA
Data transmit 250 mA
Range Up to 15 km (9.3 miles). Signals can penetrate certain foliage, buildings and obstructions. Range depends on antenna height/type and obstacles in path of line of sight.
Wireless frequency 915 and 868 MHz certified, 860‐930 MHz frequency range
Internal battery options Primary: 8.6Ah ‐ 38Ah, 3.6V
Secondary: 10Ah Li‐ion rechargeable
Custom option: Hybrid
TX output power 24.3 dBm (270 mW)
Solar panel 5W, 12V
Input voltage 10‐18V, reverse polarity protected.
TX output power 128 mA
Optional external battery pack 10‐18V
Maximum number of sensors 10 directly connected, 180 SDI-12 sensors in an LPWAN network
Analog input 4 analog channels, single-ended
Input type: 2 wire, 0–2.5 V or 4-20 mA current loop
Sensor power: 24 VDC switched (under firmware control)
Analog to digital (0-2.5 VDC): 21-bit resolution
Pulse input 2 pulse channels
Continuity or TTL: 0 V to 2.2 V - 5 V
Maximum rate: 10 pulses per second
Sensor power 12VDC switched, during measurement
Maximum output current 138 mA (12V), up to 500 mA pulse (12V) with capacitor battery option (available 2018-Q3)
On-board sensors Temperature sensor for optimizing power management and battery charging in cold operations.
Environmental sealing IP65
Lightning protection AC transient voltage suppressor (TVS) on each sensor port input
Operating temperature ‐40°C to 75°C
Storage temperature ‐40°C to 75°C
Dimensions (H x L x W) 4.1 cm (1.6”) x 17.0 cm (6.7”) x 12.2 cm (4.8”)
Warranty 1 year limited parts and labour
LED indicators RSSI, sensor, battery, operating status
Weight (excluding battery) 12.8 oz (400g)
Weight (including full battery configuration) 19.2 oz (600g)
Warm-up time 30s
External antenna Wip antenna, high-gain omnidirectional
Security 128 bit AES encryption

  • Xo provides one year of usage of our hosted software CloudInsight, which can be used to view current and historical data (either the raw data or a graphical chart), perform data processing like corrections or computations, trigger alarms, and a range of other functions. With it you can export your data to CSV or Excel format, or have it forwarded to another location via FTP or HTTP.

  • Xo is a complete system. Here are the components required to measure data in a remote location autonomously and record the data so it can be accessed and turned into insightful information that one can make decisions with:

    • Cellular modem – GSM or CDMA.
    • Data logger – although it’s not your typical complex, power-hungry, expensive data logger. Instead, it’s more like a “virtual data logger”, as all data is forwarded to a cloud storage location after it’s captured. As a backup, it’s also logged locally in the hardware (on a removable SD card, also included), but you’ll appreciate the easy access to the cloud-based data it provides.
    • Power – An internal 10Ah battery, with the option of a larger external battery as well if needed (in most cases you won’t need it). A small solar panel is also included to recharge the battery.
    • Solar charge regulator and power manager.
    • Cellular service – (North America only). The service is already provisioned for you, so there’s nothing you need to do. Outside of North America, you’ll need to set up your own cellular service, but once you do that, all you do is remove the top of the unit (4 screws) and insert a SIM card.
    • Cellular antenna – there’s an antenna integrated into the unit, or if the unit will be placed in a location where cellular signal is weak, you can order Xo with an external high-gain antenna.
    • Software to access data. We provide one year of access to our hosted CloudInsight software. Usage after the first year is charged on a yearly basis. If you don’t want to continue paying, you can continue to use CloudInsight in order to configure your remote Xo station and forward data to another location to view and manipulate the data in a different application, but all other features will no longer be available.

    Xo does NOT include any support structure (like a tripod, tower or pole) but it includes hardware for mounting to a pole up to 10cm (4″) in diameter. It also does not include any sensors.

  • No, all configuration of your sensors is done online through the web-based CloudInsight software. This means that you can interact with your sensors anywhere you have an internet connection, using any device, from a smartphone to a laptop. Data does not need to be downloaded, as it is also accessible anywhere through the same cloud-based software.

  • Setting up a remote Xo-based station is one of the greatest benefits of an all-in-one system. There are just three simple steps:

    1. Plug in the solar panel.
    2. Plug in the sensor(s).
    3. Configure how and when you want to collect data, where to send it, data post-processing and alerts, with the web-based CloudInsight software.

    The one caveat is that your sensors need to have the Xo quick connectors on the end to be able to plug in. Fortunately, Xo quick connectors are inexpensive and super easy to install, even in the field.

  • Up to 10 SDI-12, up to 4 analog (0-2.5 V or 4-20 mA) or up to 2 pulse sensors can be connected. The number of sensors that can be connected is limited only by the total power load.

  • Absolutely. You just need to install Xo quick connectors, which is easy to do.

  • If you’re outside North America, Xo won’t ship with pre-provisioned cellular service. Instead you’ll need to supply your own SIM card which you’ll insert into the SIM card holder inside the enclosure. Remove the 4 screws securing the top with a Philips screwdriver.

  • Up to 25MB of data can be transferred through Xo per month. If, in the unlikely event that, more than 25MB of data is collected during a monthly period, an alert will be sent to the administrator account, and you may be charged $2.00 per MB for all data consumed over this limit.

  • There is no limit for either the amount of data that can be stored nor the number of user accounts that you can create for CloudInsight.

  • Absolutely. Please contact us at [email protected] or 250-412-6642 and we’d be glad to give you a live demonstration using GoToMeeting.

  • Xo is designed to be placed outside and not in another enclosure. The  enclosure is rated IP65, which means “rated as dust tight and protected against water projected from a nozzle”. For all intents and purposes, Xo should be fine when not in an enclosure, but if you are concerned about water intrusion or potential submersion, then you can certainly place it in another enclosure, but you’ll require an external antenna, as the integrated antenna’s signal most likely won’t properly penetrate an additional enclosure layer.

  • No, Xo can only be used to capture, log and transmit standard ASCII data from sensors.


Xo Radius User Manual

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Orbit Xo

All-in-one cellular gateway makes sensor data easily accessible and the station remotely configurable.

TITAN Radius Mote

SDI-12 Wireless LPWAN Slave (long-range wireless bridge/cable replacement).

  • Titan/Orbit External Omnidirectional Antenna


    3 dBi gain, omnidirectional, fibreglass antenna for use with cellular (Xo) and LPWAN (Radius) products. Includes mounting hardware to secure to poles up to 4″ in diameter.

    Technical Specifications

    Gain 3 dBi
    Pattern Omnidirectional
    Bands 1
    Beamwidth - E plane 33 degrees
    Frequency 902-928 MHz
    Polarization Vertical
    VSWR 2
    Connector Type Fixed Type N female
    Mount Style Mast
    Length 64cm (25")
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  • Cellular gateway
  • Functions as a TITAN Radius Gateway
  • Includes battery, solar panel, solar charge regulator, SD card for backup storage, all mounting hardware,
  • Includes one year of cellular service, pre-provisioned and ready to go

Xo works great with GroPoint sensors, or use any other SDI-12 or analog sensor.

Pole not included.

Xo reduces complexity, and increases reliability.

Simple setup.

Everything is included except your sensors. 3 simple steps to set up a station in minutes:

  1. Connect solar panel.
  2. Connect sensors.
  3. Configure how and when you want to collect data, where to send it, data post- processing and alerts, with a simple web app.

No data logger required.

Data is collected and automatically forwarded to secure cloud storage for retrieval or processing.


Regardless of the manufacturer, your sensors are fully compatible. Field-installable connectors can be used adapt your existing sensors.

Ultimate flexibility.

Up to 10 SDI-12, up to 4 analog (0-2.5 V or 4-20 mA) or up to 2 pulse sensors can be connected. The number of sensors that can be connected is limited only by the total power load.

All-in-one means the software's included too.

For logging, analysis, reporting, and storage of data from remote monitoring locations, Xo includes a one year subscription to CloudInsight (yearly plans available for purchase thereafter).

It stores and analyzes your data, notifies your smartphone when conditions are met, allows you to visually create custom calculations and “virtual sensors”, and it can receive and/or forward data from/to 3rd-party systems.

The Radius LPWAN Network

The Orbit Xo Radius acts as a TITAN Radius Gateway. Each Mote/slave provides a wireless SDI‐12 LPWAN bridge between a sensor and a Radius Gateway (which connects to data logger or uplink) or a Radius Repeater (extends the network even farther).

CloudInsight Turns Data Into Actionable Information

Data Processing for Irrigation Insight

  • Insert saturation and stress markers
  • Mark irrigation or water events
  • Track rainfall and water events
  • Create your own ag index
  • Build a growing degree day “virtual” sensor by combining data from multiple real sensors and applying a calculation.

Plot data from segments at each depth of a GroPoint Profile to determine optimal irrigation to penetrate the bottom of the root zone.

Remotely Configure Xo Radius

The web-based CloudInsight data hub is incredibly powerful and intuitive. It’s used to configure all aspects of the station including logging and reporting intervals, and all analog, pulse and SD-12 sensors. Make changes at any time, from any device.

Easily locate and access current and historical data, and configuration of all stations and sensors.
Send alarms (email or SMS) when a parameter reaches a threshold or changes by at least a specified value over a period of time. Paramters can be measured by sensors or “virtual” (computed based on one or multiple sensors with a formula applied).
  • Unified data interface experience: Sensor configuration, data storage, custom algebraic equations, custom data formats and forwarding, control, analysis, alarm notifications (email, SMS), reporting and actions all done with one simple cloud-based user interface.
  • Security: Three user access levels for configuration, data management interface and visualization. Optional data encryption available.
  • Redundancy: All data is saved locally on an SD storage card, and once in the cloud is replicated on a redundant data server and backed up nightly.
  • Connection verification: Xo verifies connection with cell network and server connection before data is sent. If no connection is available or if data reception is not confirmed, data is saved and sent the next scheduled transmission.
  • Direct data access options: Third-party programs can access data using REST API or HTTP post.
  • Custom calculations and data transformations: Use the visual formula builder to create simple to complex math functions using any sensor data as variables. Create a “virtual sensor” from this data to create new graphs or serve as inputs to other calculations.
  • Drag-and-drop customizable dashboard: Configure what data to show and how with dashboard widgets. Place them where you want and stretch to resize. Choose high-visibility single data values, line graphs, bar charts, fuel-gauge style graphs, or 360° directional graphs, for any parameter.
  • Automated updates: Updates to firmware and cloud- based application can be automatically installed.
Sensor expansion adapter connects multiple sensors to a single port.
User-installable connectors can be used to adapt any sensors to plug in to Xo.