Titan Radius Gateway

SDI-12 Wireless LPWAN Master

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The Radius Gateway uses unlicensed wireless spectrum to seamlessly connect SDI‐12 sensors attached to a Radius Mote over long distances—up to 15 km (9.3 miles), and up to 60 km (31 miles) using Radius Repeaters. The Gateway is the central hub of a Radius network.

Radius networks incorporate advanced low power, long range wireless technologies with proprietary mechanical engineering, power management and power supply to eliminate the need for expensive supporting infrastructure (large batteries, solar panels, enclosures, cables). By eliminating this infrastructure as well as the need for a data logger and communications uplink at each sensor site, the cost of the entire sensor network is reduced dramatically.

Create a Seamless, Low-Power, Wide-Area Wireless Network for SDI-12 Sensors

  • All-in-one: Integrated radio, battery, power management, enclosure, mounting bracket—nothing else required.
  • Automatic: devices self-configure and form a wireless network automatically.
  • Simple: works out of the box. No tools required to install.
  • Extremely low power consumption: solar panel generally not needed, lasts for years without needing recharging.
  • Durable: IP67/IP68 rating for reliable long-term deployments in harsh environments.
  • Two battery options: rechargeable Li-ion or non-rechargeable, high-capacity, sub-freezing temperature tolerant.
  • Scalable: Up to 10 sensors per Mote/slave, 6 Motes/slaves per repeater, 3 repeaters per network.
Measurement range 0% to 100% of VMC
Accuracy ±2.0% *
Precision < 0.2%
Measurement range -20°C to +70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Accuracy ±0.5°C
Output SDI-12 V1.3 (RS485 optional)
Connection Bare wire (optional 4 pin, IP66/IP68 rated environmental connector)
Input voltage 6 to 14 VDC max. 18 VDC
Current consumption Quiescent: Active: 15-20 mA (depending on number of segments) for 100 mS
Warm-up time on power up
Operating temperature -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Storage temperature -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
Length Each segment is approximately 15 cm (5.9") long. Total length is the number of segments multiplied by 15 cm. For example, a 3-segment probe is about 45cm long.
Probe weight 2 segments: 292 g (10.3 oz.)
3 segments: 351 g (12.4 oz.)
4 segments: 408 g (14.4 oz.)
5 segments: 468 g (16.5 oz.)
6 segments: 526 g (18.6 oz.)
8 segments: 642 g (22.6 oz.)
Cable weight 38 g per m (0.42 oz. per foot)
Standard cable 5 m (16.3 ft.)
4xAWG22 dual-shielded, twisted pair, rated for direct burial
Warranty 1-year limited parts and labour

* 8% to 42% VMC, in controlled laboratory conditions; factory calibrated for most agricultural soils. In field applications, accuracy may slightly decrease due to the inevitable heterogeneity of soil texture, soil compaction, moisture and fluctuation in soil temperature. The accuracy may also decrease in difficult soil conditions (higher clay and salinity content). In normal conditions, GroPoint sensors will maintain their accuracy from permanent wilting through field capacity in sandy loam through clay soils with less than 60% clay particles. Under moderately saline conditions. GroPoint sensors will maintain their accuracy up to 6 ds/m.

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Titan Radius Gateway User Manual

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TITAN Radius Mote

SDI-12 Wireless LPWAN Slave (long-range wireless bridge/cable replacement).

TITAN Radius Gateway

SDI-12 Wireless LPWAN Master (connects up to 25 slave units).

  • Titan/Orbit External Omnidirectional Antenna


    3 dBi gain, omnidirectional, fibreglass antenna for use with cellular (Xo) and LPWAN (Radius) products. Includes mounting hardware to secure to poles up to 4″ in diameter.

    Technical Specifications

    Gain 3 dBi
    Pattern Omnidirectional
    Bands 1
    Beamwidth - E plane 33 degrees
    Frequency 902-928 MHz
    Polarization Vertical
    VSWR 2
    Connector Type Fixed Type N female
    Mount Style Mast
    Length 64cm (25")
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The Radius LPWAN Network

Each Mote/slave provides a wireless SDI‐12 LPWAN bridge between a sensor and a Radius Gateway (which connects to data logger or uplink) or a Radius Repeater (extends the network even farther).