Titan Radius Mote

SDI-12 Wireless LPWAN Slave

The Radius Mote uses unlicensed wireless spectrum to seamlessly connect SDI‐12 sensors to a central Radius Gateway over long distances—up to 15 km (9.3 miles), and up to 60 km (37 miles) using Radius Repeaters.

Radius networks incorporate advanced low power, long range wireless technologies with proprietary mechanical engineering, power management and power supply to eliminate the need for expensive supporting infrastructure (large batteries, solar panels, enclosures, cables). By eliminating this infrastructure as well as the need for a data logger and communications uplink at each sensor site, the cost of the entire sensor network is reduced dramatically.

Create a Seamless, Low-Power, Wide-Area Wireless Network for SDI-12 Sensors

  • All-in-one: Integrated radio, battery, power management, enclosure, mounting bracket—nothing else required.
  • Automatic: devices self-configure and form a wireless network automatically.
  • Simple: works out of the box. No tools required to install.
  • Extremely low power consumption: solar panel generally not needed, lasts for years without needing recharging.
  • Durable: IP67/IP68 rating for reliable long-term deployments in harsh environments.
  • Two battery options: rechargeable Li-ion or non-rechargeable, high-capacity, sub-freezing temperature tolerant.
  • Seamless: the mote is recognized as an SDI-12 device, so can be configured through any data logger, or through the cloud via a 2-way cellular connection like Orbit Xo. Controller devices interface with sensors connected to a Mote natively (they have no idea there is a wireless network in between).
  • Scalable: Up to 10 sensors per Mote/slave, 6 Motes/slaves per repeater, 3 repeaters per network.

The Radius LPWAN Network

Each Mote/slave provides a wireless SDI‐12 LPWAN bridge between a sensor and a Radius Gateway (which connects to data logger or uplink) or a Radius Repeater (extends the network even farther).


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