Bluetooth Sensor Pod DL

Log data and retrieve it wirelessly on your smartphone.

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The Bluetooth Sensor Pod DL is both a data logger and a wireless access point to retrieve data through your smartphone. It can be left in the field connected to your sensors, allowing you to access the data when convenient.

The free GP Reader app (available for Android devices only) is used to check current conditions, download data and set up the sensor sampling interval (from one minute to 12 hours). With the app open on your smartphone, simply push the button on the Bluetooth Sensor Pod to wake it up and automatically establish a wireless connection. Tap the Download button in the app to download all logged data. You can also check the current battery level of the Sensor Pod.

The Bluetooth Sensor Pod connects to up to 10 SDI-12 GroPoint sensors (with the 4-Port SDI-12 Expansion Bar). Sensors must terminate in an EN3 connector.

Data is stored in non-volatile memory and is retained even if the battery fails. The memory can hold up to 32,520 measurements.

  • Retrieve sensor data wirelessly to your smartphone with a quick visit to the site.
  • Stay connected up to 60m (200 ft) away.
  • Operates with AA alkaline household batteries.
  • Batteries will last up to 6 months with typical use.
  • Water-resistant, IP65-rated enclosure.
  • Data is retained even with no battery.
Output CSV text file via USB cable (included)
Sensor interface SDI-12 / RS-485 (SDI-12 version)
Sensor port connector 1x Switchcraft EN3P4F (4 female pins)
Maximum number of sensors 10 (via multiple 4-Port SDI-12 Expansion Bars)
Wireless protocol Bluetooth 4.0 LE
Storage 1 MB
This is the equivalent of:
  • > 50K GroPoint Lite measurements

  • > 20K moisture and temperature measurements from a GroPoint Profile 4-segment sensor
Measurement interval Configurable by user
Range: 1 minute to 12 hours
Operating temperature range -20°C to 65°C (-4°F to 150°F)
Storage temperature range -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 160°F)
Power 3.0V lithium coin cell powers the memory (included)
2 x AA alkaline batteries OR 3.6V 1x C-cell Li-ion battery powers the sensors (included)
Battery life Up to 6 months, depending on measurement interval
Dimensions 11.4cm x 8.0cm x 6.0cm (4.49” x 3.15” x 2.36”)
Weight 216 g (7.62 oz)
Warranty 1-year limited parts and labour
Environmental sealing Enclosure: IP65
Push button: IP67
Sensor connectors: IP66/IP68

  • The Sensor Pod’s enclosure is IP76 rated, meaning it can withstand immersion in water up to one meter (3.3 feet) for 30 minutes, tested in laboratory conditions. However, this is not considered an environmentally hardened enclosure. While it’s not necessary to enclose it in a more watertight enclosure, it is a good idea to keep it from direct exposure to the elements. Covering it with a structure and raising it up off the ground are good ideas.

  • At the moment, the Bluetooth Sensor Pod software “GP Reader” is only available for Android devices. Please let us know if you require iOS support (we’ll prioritize this project based on customer demand).

  • When downloaded to your smartphone, the data is stored in a universal CSV file format, and the field’s name is based on the serial number of the sensor. You can use the built-in Android file explorer to transfer the file, via email or wireless transfer.


Bluetooth Sensor Pod DL User Manual


Smartphone/tablet app  

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  • GroPoint 4-Port SDI-12 Expansion Bar


    Connects to any open channel of an SDI-12 GroPoint data logger and provides connectors for up to four more sensors. Adds 3 additional ports (you lose 1, you gain 4).

    Technical Specifications


    4 x Switchcraft EN3P4F (4 female pins)
    Switchcraft EN3C4M (4 male pins)
    Operating temperature -20°C to +70°C
    Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C
    Dimensions 8.3 x 15.0 x 3.2cm
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  • Logger operates 2 standard AA alkaline batteries (included).
  • Connects up to 10 SDI-12 sensors (via multiple 4-Port SDI-12 Expansion Bars).
  • Free GP Reader app available for Android devices (iOS coming soon).