Data Loggers / Handhelds

4 Ways to Get Your Data

As Often As You Want, Wirelessly via Your Smartphone

The Bluetooth Sensor Pod DL is both a data logger and a wireless access point to retrieve data through your smartphone. It’s rugged enough to be left in the field connected to your sensors, allowing you to access the data when convenient.

The free GP Reader app  is used to access current or historical data and set up the sensor.

Bluetooth Sensor Pod DL

Infrequently, via Your PC and a Cable

GroPoint™ GP-DL4 data loggers provide an inexpensive and simple-to-use method of automatically recording and storing measurements from GroPoint soil sensors. When it’s time to access the data and analyze it, you connect the logger to a Windows PC (Windows XP or later) via USB cable. Use the free LoggerConfig software to download the data in CSV format and plot the data graphically.

GP-DL4 Soil Moisture Data Logger

Frequently, Via a Handheld Electronic Reader

The GP-DU handheld reader gives immediate readings of current measurement conditions from GroPoint sensors. It also allows testing of individual sensors to troubleshoot when the sensors are part of a larger system. It features a large display window in a robust weather resistant casing with a 3 pin EN3 connector.

GP-DU Handheld Sensor Reader

Remotely Through Your Computer or Smartphone

Log your data in the cloud, automatically. The all-in-one Orbit Xo captures measurements from all sensors connected to it at the frequency you specify and forwards the data to the cloud via cellular connection (while also keeping a local redundant backup). Access the data and configure through the CloudInsight web-based software.

Orbit XO


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